-All BRAND AMBASSADORS as asked to post multiple times per 30 day period to ensure maximum exposure.
-All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS for @gymfoxinabox. LIKE and Comment as soon as possible after each post is made. (this helps both of us get exposure and followers)

-All BRAND AMBASSADORS as asked to post an unboxing video.
-BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to promote, and share Gym Fox in a Box as often as convenient.
-BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to interact, like, and comment within their own social media channels. Engagement is key.
-All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to use as many of our frequently used social hashtags, and we ask you to encourage your network to do the same: #gymfoxinabox #gymnastsubscription

What we do for you!

You are rewarded on a monthly basis by credits toward your next Gym Fox in a Box. We track the coupon code you are promoting to your viewers. At the end of a 30 day period we tally up sales and credit you $3.00 for every sale made using your personal coupon code. If you go over the value of your Gym Fox in a Box in credits we then send you the difference to your Paypal or Stripe accounts or mail you a check!!  For example, if you have a $30 per month subscription including postage and you referred 20 subscribers, you will receive a free box and a check for $30 that month.  As an ambassador you are required to post photos and videos of our products on your instagram page.

To participate in our Ambassador program please fill out the form below and we will email you your personal code.

Monthly Box Ambassador

Some months we may chose a current subscriber to participate in the Monthly Box Ambassador program.  As a Monthly Box Ambassador you will receive a free box the month of your ambassadorship.  All Monthly Box Ambassadors will work with our procurement and creative specialists to choose the theme, choose your special item and design the Box. We ask all Monthly Box Ambassadors to also follow the Brand Ambassador requirements above.


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