Gymnastics Essentials Box


We have a small amount of our “Gymnastics Essentials” boxes available for one time purchase. This box makes a great gift without the commitment of buying a subscription. Quantities are limited and once they are sold out they will be placed in the vault and are gone for good.  This was one of our most popular gymnastics boxes.  The box contains items that every gymnast needs. The leotard will be a name brand leotard (GK Elite, Under Armour, Garland, Alpha Factor, Motionwear, Pelle, Foxy’s, Snowflake and more) hand picked for your gymnast based on her preferences that you will input at checkout.  It is a Silver level box so in addition to a hand picked name brand leotard the included goodies are:

  • Lollipop Hair Ties- All gymnasts need a hair tie, but can never seem to find them when they need them!
  • Wristbands- To wear with your grips or wipe your brow when you are having a killer workout
  • Pre-Wrap- Every gymnast knows that there is a ton of uses for this stuff! (to save your skin when you need to tape up, to use under your grips, to wrap around your knees or ankles to keep your legs together on a trick, or just to make a fashion statement and make a hair band out of it)
  • Gymnast bracelet- Just for fun to wear outside of the gym to show everyone that you LOVE gymnastics!!

All packaged in a custom designed Gymnastics Box. * color of wristbands, bracelet and pre wrap will vary. We have many colors in stock and will chose according to survey.

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